Much Needed Wiring Upgrades! 

We have been undergoing a new project on the layout. After careful planning we have decided to divide the layout up into  several new power districts, and upgrade the wiring under the railroad. Several new boosters will be installed, not to mention they were designed in house by OMRA member Lance Bradley! This allows for easy troubleshooting and greatly reduces cost. It also opens a gateway to block detection and any future upgrades we may want to add. 

More updates to follow! 


1/9/24 - Assembly and testing begins on the new Booster units designed by OMRA Member Lance Bradley. Each unit holds two boosters. 

1/23/24 - The cutover for the first booster board in Monett was completed and is now undergoing testing. 

2/6/24 - New bus wire and feeders are being installed under the layout in Monett. 

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