2021 Board of Directors
The Ozark's Model Railroad Associations is governed by a board of directors comprised of four officers and four board members at large. The current board for 2021 is:

President -- Kurt Clement
Vice President -- Joseph Davidson
Secretary -- Isaiah Groves
Treasurer -- Jim Walker
Dale Irvine
Jonah Hemingway

Daniel Dawson

​Ron Atwell





Why Join a Model Railroad Club?

Why would a person want to be a member of the Ozarks Model Railroad Association?  Are you wanting to get involved in model railroading but don't have space, knowledge, or time to build one?  Club members operate on a large, HO scale railroad under DCC control on a weekly basis.  Looking to gain knowledge of DCC, scenery, or model railroad operating methods?  We can help you learn skills which you are looking for, and you can share your skills with us.  We host seminars on a variety of topics on a generally bi-monthly basis.  Come, learn, and teach.  Above all, we enjoy friendships, and operating a model railroad together.  

Meetings and Visitors
Meetings are held at 7pm on Tuesdays at 424 W. Commercial St, Springfield, MO

As of May 11, 2021 we will resume a modified operating schedule as outlined here.
Masks will be required at all sessions.
Week 1 - Maintenance and cleaning, members and visitors
Week 2 - open running, members and visitors - second week of May will have 1 hour maintenance at 6pm prior to 7pm session.
Week 3 - open running, members and visitors
Week 4 - restricted running for members with vaccination or post COVID
Week 5 - club manifest running, members and visitors,
 Given that we can not always maintain proper distancing, MASKS will be required at all times. We will NOT be providing masks, remember to BYOM! BRING YOUR OWN MASK.
Kurt Clement, OMRA President