When will OMRA resume operations?
The OMRA Board will be reviewing the status of community COVID-19 control and risk in our monthly meeting this coming Tuesday, as we have done in May and June.  The bottom line is we are not a commercial organization, we do this mostly for our own education and enjoyment.  Yes it is an inconvenience not to be able to operate together on the layout.  But we have no need to push the envelope, no one's livelihood depends on us being open. We do not provide essential services.   
The increase in case numbers has gotten worse in the last month, not better.  Had the numbers stabilized at the levels of mid May I think we could be considering ways in which we can resume operations.   But the numbers have doubled since then and the rate of new infections has increased (the slope of the line is steeper).  I don't think we should try to pin a DATE on when we reopen, rather we should look at the numbers and decide based on the rate of new infections when to consider resuming operations and under what conditions (distancing, masks, numbers of operators, scheduling, etc)  
Please review the Springfield dashboard for current cases.  

The OMRA group has a broad spectrum of age groups and some members may fall into a higher risk category than others.  The goal of the board in making any decision to resume operations will be to ensure that we are not creating an elevated risk level for any of our members

Kurt Clement - OMRA President

The board of the Ozark’s Model Railroad Association met on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 and came to a decision to cancel the Fall 2020 Train Show scheduled for September 12, 2020 at the Ozark’s Empire Fairgrounds West E*Plex.  Our primary concern is safeguarding the health or our vendors, layout crews, attendees, and OMRA members.  Knowing that COVID-19 will still be active at some level, and being unable to anticipate changing regulations and risks, we felt the safe and prudent decision was to cancel the event at this time.  

We will be making full refunds of table rental fees to our vendors by mid-May and thank them for their continued participation in our efforts to share the hobby of model railroading.  Our board of directors will monitor the options for future train shows and we will be back, when it is safe to do so, and hope that you will join us at that time.
Kurt Clement
OMRA President


Welcome to the Ozarks Model Railroad Association, we call ourselves the OMRA.  We operate an HO scale model railroad located in Springfield, MO, depicting part of the Frisco Central Division railroad on Tuesday evenings.  Seminars on modeling and railroad history are frequently held as part of membership meetings and are open to the public.  We also hold two large model railroad shows each year, spring and fall, with multiple running layouts and model railroad vendors.  Please explore our website, visit and like us on  Facebook  , and above all, come to visit our club and layout.  See our contact page for more information.

​​Operating Sessions

Operating sessions are held the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Tuesdays of the month at 7pm.  Our Club

Note: Operating sessions and in-person club activities have been suspended due to COVID-19 social distancing regulations.

Seminars and Other Events

We frequently have seminars after our Membership Meetings on the 1st Tuesday, check our Facebook page for updates.

What's New at the Ozark's Model Railroad Association?


To keep members and other model railroaders in the Ozarks connected during the COVID-19 pandemic we have started a Facebook Group dedicated to sharing model railroading projects and experiences.  Stop by and have a look, and if you are an interested modeler, request to join us on the Facebook Group page.